100% of your money brings resilience to communities that are solving global challenges at a local level.

“The Constellation stimulates Local Response. It gives me pleasure and satisfaction to support an organisation whose actions resonate so strongly with my own ideas and ideals”.

Philip Forth, Trust for Local Response

Where my money goes

With donations, big and small, we are able to accompany communities that reach out for support.

  • Training of facilitators
  • Fees and transportation of local facilitators
  • Learn and Share events for community members
  • Help communities film their story of change

Donate to help generate resilient communities

who make up the better world we want to live in

Crowdfunding for the future

In 2021 we fundraise in solidarity with teenage girls in 5 countries

Why donate to The Constellation


We enable sustainable change

Our experience has taught us that our unique approach has a sustainable transformative effect on individuals, communities and organisations. Once our process is implemented the ownership is sustainable: once this is in place, it stays forever with just a bit of care.


We are a free, independant organization

When people join as members of The Constellation, they join as the person they are. Not as their function, their religion, their diploma, their country of origin.


We share our governance

to be more inclusive and offer equal opportunity to our membership. SALT is the way of working between members of our governing bodies.


We consciously limit our global footprint

We have adopted a green approach from the start, 16 years ago. It is in our veins! We aim for paperless work and free resources; we have no office (we rather talk online and meet when we can at our colleagues home with a shared meal for our long working days); we support facilitators mainly via distance support.


We have very limited operating costs

simply because we chose not to have any offices. Our budget, coming from our partnerships and private donations is mainly used to cover fees for members who contribute at part time to the functioning of the organisation and to implementing our mission.


We engage with very diverse groups and communities around the world

Since 2005, The Constellation has successfully facilitated local responses in more than 50 countries and through over 100 partnerships with governments, international and national organisations but also small groups.

Your questions about donation

How wil my donation be used?

100% of your money brings resilience to communities that are solving global challenges at a local level. With donations, big and small we are able to accompany communities that reach out for support.

Donations cover:

  1. Training of new SALT/CLCP facilitators.
  2. Transportation costs and fee of local facilitators, who accompany communities who are facing a problem and finding solutions for it.
  3. The organisation of learn and share events between community members.
Can I have a receipt for my donation?

We are happy to provide you with a receipt for your donation. Please contact us and provide us with your name, address and VAT number (if applicable).

How can I get updates of the work of The Constellation?

The Constellation is stimulating and connecting local responses around the world. Read about our work and about the exciting achievements at local level in all corners of the world in our monthly newsletter. Register here

Are my donations tax exempted?

If you live in Europe, your donations to The Constellation are tax exempted. ​
Please contact us for specific information for your country, or consult to check how tax exempt donations can be done from your country.

What is The Constellations business model?

We have very limited overhead costs as we are a virtual organisation with no office costs. We can count on a vast contribution of volunteers to help carry the workload of the board members.

Our core costs include fees at a modest rate for the small team that runs the daily business of The Constellation, communication- and administrative costs. Those costs are covered by sponsorship and by the overhead of partnerships

Can I access The Constellation financial reports?

We invite you to consult our latest financial annual reports here.
The Constellation accounts are managed by YUS & Partners, Belgium. “C2 -Reviseurs et Associes” carries out an external audit of our accounts every year.

Do I receive a reward for my donation?
  • With your donation you contribute to a better world, for us and our children to live in

    • For your donation of 50 Euros, receive a bag of The Constellation
    • For your donation of 100 Euros, receive the book What Makes Us Human, by co-founder of The Constellation, Jean-Louis Lamboray.
    • For your donation of 150 Euros or more you will receive a 10% discount to the Online SALT training for yourself or a person of choice.
Can I make my donation via bankwire?

You can make your donation through the donate button on The Constellation’s website, or if you prefer with a bankwire to The Constellation’s donation account in Euro.

Beneficiary: La Constellation asbl – Avenue de l’Europe, 33. 7330, Saint Ghislain,  Belgium.


Bank address: Montagne du Parc 3 – 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

IBAN: BE62 0015 7904 9761   


What do authorities think about The Constellations work?

After an audit in 2015, the Belgium Ministry of Development wrote:

… “by developing this global approach to Competence with regard to AIDS and other health problems, taking into account local ownership, the organisation complements well the efforts made by the Belgian Coöpération in the fight against AIDS and other diseases” …

Donate to help generate resilient communities who make up the better world we want to live in

Launch “Dorcus Beads: Bringing Back Life” leaves audience moved

Launch “Dorcus Beads: Bringing Back Life” leaves audience moved

The short movie ‘Dorcus beads: Bringing back Life’ was launched on Saturday 13 November, online for a small international audience and offline in the community in presence of the new filmmakers and local movie stars. Communities share their own story: that is now possible.

Good news from Go Girl project

Good news from Go Girl project

The Triodos Foundation contributes 10’000 Euro to the multi-country project for teenagers. And inspiration from a Virtual SALT visit to Babes, Singapore.



In this 5 country project, we engage communities in prevention of teenage pregnancies. In Cameroon, Ghana, India, Indonesia and Kenya new and old facilitators learn and share about effective local responses that help girls flourish.

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting us

Donate to help generate resilient communities

who make up the better world we want to live in