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The Constellation

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The Constellation is an organization generating systemic change. We connect a growing network of resilient communities. Together, we create significant impact on some of today’s most pressing social challenges.

Join and support a global network of people who have taken ownership of their challenges.

Learn and spread the powerful support process that enables resilience in communities, the SALT-CLCP methodology.

Join the journey, learn the walk
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Become a partner and build resilience in your own organization or community
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Communities act locally and build a better world

First concert of the International Women’s Choir of IJburg & Zeeburgereiland

The members of the Women’s Café made one of their dreams come true. On the 20th and the 21st of May, women from Amsterdam performed with music and stories of strong women who were Heroines to them.

CAMEROON—The Cho Ngafor Foundation’s Online SALT Programme

“The Cameroon team’s Online SALT Programme is progressing well despite challenges related to national insecurity, poor electricity, and internet. The team members remain enthusiastic and determined,” says coach Autry Haynes.

KENYA—L’Afrikana’s Dream Building Training

“When we bring our individual dream to the circle, we discover that we have so much in common.”
SALT-CLCP training of L’Afrikana in Kenya on the 20th of May.

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Ordinary people are achieving extraordinary things

Around the world people take ownership of Corona

From Asia, to Europe, the US and Africa we see a wave of people standing up in solidarity. Individuals, families and groups are taking action, adapted to their context and to the resources that are available. They stay safe from the virus and care for each other.
The Constellation handed over the camera and the microphone to such local heroes. In eleven short clips they share their good practices. Those are the raw stories of fear and courage behind the masks.


Watch Behind The Mask stories

Dorcus Beads: Bringing Back Life

A group of women living in Kenya come together to ‘bring back life’ to their community. Creativity, love, and collaboration changes their lives one by one. A story captured by a team of young people of the community.
This short movie is part of a project called Visual Journey where communities go through an explicit process of joint learning from their experience and visually capture their story so that it becomes an inspirational tool for the community and for a worldwide audience.