We create significant impact

On some of today’s most pressing social challenges

The Constellation

Connecting local responses around the world
The Constellation is an organization generating systemic change. We connect a growing network of resilient communities. Together, we create significant impact on some of today’s most pressing social challenges.

Join and support a global network of people who have taken ownership of their challenges.

Learn and spread the powerful support process that enables resilience in communities, the SALT-CLCP methodology.

Join the journey, learn the walk
and contribute to building a better world :

Become a partner and build resilience in your own organization or community
Become a change maker in your own community
Help communities to be autonomous

Communities act locally and build a better world

At a glance, the CLCP in Amsterdam in 2021

Inclusive projects by neighbours for the neighbourhood in The Netherlands

During 2020, eight neighbours in Amsterdam-East followed the SALT-CLCP training, online when required. They were accompanied during one year by a coaching team of The Constellation. Two inclusive projects by neighbours for the neighbourhood have started.

Evaluation shows the impact of our SALT-CLCP methodology

RICPHI report improvement in behaviour towards better health thanks to community conversations, peers/family support and community engagement.

Hope and Resilience for 2021

Hope, connection, resilience, respect, challenges and Coiwepo*. When The Constellation Board Committee reflected on 2020, they found those words were both our strength and our challenge this past year. “We will bring all the good things that we learned from it with full energy into the new year”.

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Ordinary people are achieving extraordinary things

Around the world people take ownership of Corona

From Asia, to Europe, the US and Africa we see a wave of people standing up in solidarity. Individuals, families and groups are taking action, adapted to their context and to the resources that are available. They stay safe from the virus and care for each other.
The Constellation handed over the camera and the microphone to such local heroes. In eleven short clips they share their good practices. Those are the raw stories of fear and courage behind the masks.


Watch Behind The Mask stories