We dream of a world where communities take action based on their strengths and realise their objectives

The Constellation is an organization at the service of a network of people and communities who are acting locally to create a better world.

We stimulate and connect local responses around the world.

We live in a world where there is no shortage of challenges, whether individual, local or global. These challenges affect us all. If we can realise our capacity to be actors in our own lives, we can also activate our collective responsibility to co-create our world.

Our experience has taught us that communities can and do respond to the challenges that they face when they take ownership of those challenges.

Our support process enables resilience in communities, who take the lead in solving their problems

In The Constellation, we seek to accompany the community as it takes the path to ownership of its challenge.

We transfer an appreciative and supportive mindset to the groups we work with.

We stimulate conversation in a non-hierarchical setting where members share and learn together.

Every occasion becomes an opportunity to connect, to learn from collective intelligence, and to grow.

We create occasions for communities to share and to learn in order to stimulate community-to-community transfer. This transfer then takes on a life of its own and spreads.

Our Inspiration

Our discovery began 23 years ago with HIV/AIDS.

In Thailand, Uganda and Brazil people had begun to address this issue publicly and to recognise that it was theirs to deal with. They took ownership of their response to HIV. This was the basis of a local response that reduced the impact of the epidemic.

It also led to the foundation of The Constellation in 2004.
Read the full story of people and communities in The Constellation in the book What Makes us Human by co-founder Dr Jean-Louis Lamboray.
Watch the story of the community response to HIV in Northern Thailand.

Latest news from the field

SALT Conversations for Gender Equality

Villagers of Kandgaon weaved their dream for children and youth with the facilitation of the Avani team on the 4th of April 2023. An 11-year-old girl said: “I am very happy with this process, adults need to listen to us, and children need to have a say in the functioning of the village.” The elected female head assured that she will involve children in future conversations.

Patient and Community-led Response to NCDs at the Civil 20 Integrated Holistic Health Summit in India

Rituu B. Nanda was at the C20 Summit in Faridabad from the 7th to the 9th of April 2023. She presented the above poster about the work on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in India.

Inspiration flowing back and forth between Kenya and Ghana

Six years ago, Leonie Heppener visited Kithutuni in Kenya. Inspired by the results of the SALT-CLCP approach there, and by The Constellation coach Onesmus Chengo Mutuku in particular, she developed her own dream: Building a community with and around teenage girls to prevent teenage pregnancy and school drop-out in Ghana.

Go Girl Ghana then became a source of energy for The Constellation teams and partners in Cameroon, India, Indonesia, and Kenya : the Go Girl initiative was born and embraced by The Constellation members!

Now, Go Girl Ghana is reaching out to their source: Onesmus, again, this time accompanied by Busolo Quintonne (Aaliyah), a champion from Go Girl Kenya within and around the refugee community in L’Afrikana, Nairobi, will return to Ghana in May.

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