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New Online Training Opportunities !

  • Package 1: Three days, intensive for a Taste of SALT
  • Price: 300 Euro
  • Special Student Tarif: 100 Euro

Do you want to taste SALT and have a transformative learning experience? During three days we will take you on a discovery journey of the SALT-CLCP methodology. With a small group we will go through all steps of the learning process, and we will practice our appreciative way of working. Class in the morning, practice in the afternoon, reflections at the end of the day. 

  • Package 2: Three months, Steady learning from experience
  • Price: 300 Euro per person

Are you ready to start a process with your community, as a facilitator? Book 90 minutes of your time per week over 3 months and you can develop your competence in helping groups and communities to make best use of their strengths. With support of online modules with reading and exercises, a coach helps you to learn from experience. The participants practice facilitation of CLCP in their own community or workplace, and reflect together on how that goes.

Online training: designed for individuals and teams

Students, community workers, creators, engaged neighbors, teachers, health care workers, teamleaders, changemakers and connectors.

The Constellations Online SALT Program is a smart blend between learning from global experience online and growing your own experience locally.

Where people and teams learn and experience our unique collaborative approach to problem solving and how to generate systemic change in your community and organisation.


Our training program is designed to support people in being more effective as connectors and change makers in their context.

It is an empowering, fun and interactive program where you will learn from your own experience and the lessons of other facilitators across the globe.

You start with defining the community you want to work with. Maybe it’s your working team, your family, your group of neighbors or a community of people addressing a shared concern. Then, together with other dedicated participants and an experienced facilitator of The Constellation, you will join in conversations that will give you the support, feedback and motivation to go out and make a difference.


An online training program that fits your needs!



Online Content

The students with their coach go through the content online.  

Small Groups

The program brings together a coach with a small group of learners.

Where-ever you are

The learners can be based in different places of the world

Offline experience

Everyone practices SALT-CLCP steps within their own community, where they are.

It was very interesting for me to have that experience to work with other group members to really see that SALT-CLCP can be applied everywhere.


– Lorien Franck

 “The SALT online training program brought light to my dreams and I gained self-esteem.



– Sebastien Kizito, undertakes reconciliation activities in Burundi.

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Become a partner and build resilience in your own organization or community
Become a change maker in your own community
Help communities to be autonomous