Visual Development

In Visual Journeys, Rightsholders are holding the camera and the microphone in their own hands!

Experience the surprising strengths of rightsholders, seen through their own lens.

In this new series of Visual Journeys, The Constellation and Visual Development accompanied Voice multicountry grantees in discovering and capturing their stories of change. 

The learning from COVAW, Kenya:

“If gender responsive budgeting is implemented then we will reduce inequalities faced by marginalized groups in Kwale county”.

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The lesson from Africa Albinism Network:

“The problem is not Albinism, it is the negative perception towards it. If we emphasize love and care in families and society, people with albinism will reach their goals”.

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Here is what the Human Rights Working Group learned:

What happened to Kartika, Mary Jane and Syauqi shows how human rights advocacy is never easy. However, a long and winding road is no reason for us to stop. Our work is not finished yet. A luta continua.

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A lesson from the DeafLoud project:

Every Deaf individual has the potential to excel in any field and deserves to be recognized as an equal member of society.

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The lesson that AYIPN, the Philippines shares:

“At the heart of Gayaman, the indigenous Aeta community built their right to education from the ground up—an “enabling” right that allows the community to gain the skills, capacity, and confidence to secure other rights”.

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Hear the lesson from Chambua project, Kenya:

If we are involved in decission making, views of persons with disabilities and women will be captured in the key county budget documents in Nairobi.

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Intersex Asia shares a lesson from The Philippines:

If we can involve and empower the Intersex community we will have a more inclusive LGBTQI community.

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Albinism Umbrella Uganda shares this lesson:

“Diversity should be celebrated and understood, not feared or marginalised”

Link to their movie is here!