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Communities, non profit organisations, associations, municipalities, social entrepreneurs and private sector actors: The Constellation and its partners share the same vision.

Since 2005, The Constellation has successfully facilitated local responses in more than 50 countries and trained thousands of local facilitators through over 100 partnerships with governments, international and national organisations and also with small groups and families.

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How resilient is your village or neighborhood in coping with Covid-19? How prepared is your community for a next pandemic? How do you turn your workspace, neighborhood or school into a place where all take responsibility so that everyone feels happy and safe?


Call upon a Constellation Team to build resilient communities, that are able to care, learn and adapt in face of a challenge. We facilitate the process in the timeframe that fits your context.


Train your staff or members of the communities you work with.

We bring our appreciative facilitation experience to you.

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Stories from our partners

Facilitating a Global Learning Festival (GLF) for We Lead in Maputo, Mozambique

Facilitating a Global Learning Festival (GLF) for We Lead in Maputo, Mozambique

Exploring our strengths, our diversity and our commonalities as human beings; Learn Visits to local community groups; a Market Place that showcases good practices and eventually reflections on what could be set up in the future. Over the years, The Constellation keeps developing its signature elements as our teams are facilitating Learning Festivals with old and new partners.

In February, a team of The Constellation facilitators took on the challenge of organising and facilitating the Global Linking and Learning Festival for 70 persons in Maputo, Mozambique: staff, partners and rightsholders of the HIVOS We Lead programme.

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) Knowledge Fair: A Unanimously Acclaimed Event, Co-created by Participants

The Global Fund for Children (GFC) Knowledge Fair: A Unanimously Acclaimed Event, Co-created by Participants

In Kolhapur, Maharashtra, from the 20th to the 22nd of May 2023, a Knowledge Fair was held bringing together representatives of the villages of Pirwadi, Vashi, Nandwal, Kandgaon, and Kerli, where the Avani organisation led SALT conversations for the past two years, Indian organisations who also facilitate SALT-CLCP (Rural Aid and Purnata from West Bengal, Faith Foundation from Meghalaya) and the GFC. Avani organised the event with the GFC’s support.

"I highly recommend The Constellation

for its participatory approach involving social actors”

Dennis Larson, UNICEF Madagascar C4D

"They have demonstrated good competence and high responsiveness

to the situation and needs of communities on the ground.”

Gang Sun, UNAIDS Country Coordinator, Botswana

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  • Follow a solid program of online courses from worldwide experience.
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  • We link you up with co-learners.
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  • Join a local training event.
  • Learn and experience the SALT approach.
  • Create your own action plan.
  • Access a network of like minded people.



  • Invite a team of coaches to your place.
  • Learn the SALT-CLCP process through our comprehensive program.
  • Get support throughout implementation phase.
  • Measure, celebrate and share progress.

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