Facilitating a Global Learning Festival (GLF) for We Lead in Maputo, Mozambique


Further developing our signature elements for Linking and Learning

In February, a team of The Constellation facilitators took on the challenge of organising and facilitating the Global Linking and Learning Festival for 70 persons in Maputo, Mozambique: staff, partners and rightsholders of the HIVOS We Lead programme.

Exploring our strengths, our diversity and our commonalities as human beings; Learn Visits to local community groups; a Market Place that showcases good practices and eventually reflections on what could be set up in the future. Over the years, The Constellation keeps developing its signature elements as our teams are facilitating Learning Festivals with old and new partners.


Marlou de Rouw, Seydou Diarra, Dolores Rey Novoa, Meble Birengo, Beatriz Carvalho, and Joao Vembane—the team organising and facilitating the We Lead GLF for The Constellation. Not in this picture, our distance supporters: Jessica Buisan and Mwandaza Eddy Aksanti.


The room is buzzing when participants reflect on their learnings. Simultaneous translations in four languages support the conversations.


Market Place: proud sharing of good practices and experiences. Here the stand of Amodefa and rights holders from Mozambique.


Learn visits are not field visits when we go to Support, Appreciate, Listen, Learn, and Transfer. Here at Ascha, Maputo.


“The We Lead programme aims to strengthen the influence and position of young women whose sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRH-R) are neglected the most. It targets young women and adolescent girls who: live with HIV; face vulnerability and discrimination; live with a disability; and/or are affected by displacement.”


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