A unique and powerful support process

that enables resilience in communities

Our methodology

 “If I am not in the world simply to adapt to it, but rather transform it, and if it is not possible to change the world without a certain dream or vision for it, I must make use of every possibility there is not only to speak about my utopia, but also to engage in practices consistent with it.” 

Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Indignation

SALT-CLCP is about :

  • Getting inspired to harness your strengths, connect to others and change your world in a way that is meaningful to you.
  • A simple and powerful facilitation method, based on human potential and local resources.
  • Applies in all contexts.
  • Ownership and empowerment resulting in a sustainable response.

In just over 15 years, our methodology has spread across 50 different countries and is applied to as many different issues.
The secret of its spread? It’s easy to grasp and to replicate, and it helps people reconnect with a sense of purpose, with their own capacities, and with each other as they realise their potential to change the(ir) world(s).

Though HIV/AIDS was our starting point, today, we celebrate the actions of communities in response to a diverse set of life challenges. To highlight just a few: child health, maternal health, aquatic agriculture, nutrition, living together, diabetes, environment and ecology, refugees, AIDS, malaria, water, sanitation and hygiene, school life and education, palliative care, and ageing with dignity.

Join the journey, learn the walk
and contribute to building a better world

Become a partner and build resilience in your own organization or community
Become a change maker in your own community
Help communities to be autonomous

Field stories

Inspiration flowing back and forth between Kenya and Ghana

Inspiration flowing back and forth between Kenya and Ghana

Six years ago, Leonie Heppener visited Kithutuni in Kenya. Inspired by the results of the SALT-CLCP approach there, and by The Constellation coach Onesmus Chengo Mutuku in particular, she developed her own dream: Building a community with and around teenage girls to prevent teenage pregnancy and school drop-out in Ghana.

Go Girl Ghana then became a source of energy for The Constellation teams and partners in Cameroon, India, Indonesia, and Kenya : the Go Girl initiative was born and embraced by The Constellation members!

Now, Go Girl Ghana is reaching out to their source: Onesmus, again, this time accompanied by Busolo Quintonne (Aaliyah), a champion from Go Girl Kenya within and around the refugee community in L’Afrikana, Nairobi, will return to Ghana in May.

Inclusion in Action: When Rightsholder Groups Meet at the Asian Link and Learn Festival

Inclusion in Action: When Rightsholder Groups Meet at the Asian Link and Learn Festival

From the 20th to the 23rd of January 2023, The Constellation with its IndoCompetence team as a host, organised and facilitated a Link and Learn event for Voice grantee organisations and groups in Asia, to explore the theme of “Improving our practices for a sustainable inclusive society” and with the aim of creating communities of practices.

Go Girl Kenya Turning One Year Old and Still Counting!

Go Girl Kenya Turning One Year Old and Still Counting!

“While we did the self assessment training, we shared stories of change amongst the facilitators. From those stories, we realised that it is the little things that add up to the big picture eventually. A good example is the story of a family that we visited. Their relationship was rebuilt, and they linked our facilitator to other families that had been facing the same issue as them. It makes us happy when we receive such calls from the community! ”
Aaliyah Busolo Quintonne, L’Afrikana