The Community Life Competence Process

The Community Life Competence Process

The Community Life Competence Process (CLCP) and SALT

Ownership means that the community decides on the action that it wishes to take and it takes that action


  • We propose a systematic step-by-step methodology that allows the community to take ownership of their challenge. We call this the Community Life Competence Process (CLCP). Facilitators accompany the community as it moves towards ownership of their challenges with an appreciative approach that we characterise by the acronym SALT (Support, Appreciate, Listen-Learn,Transfer).
  • CLCP is a form of learning cycle where a community takes action and learns from its experience. That learning becomes the basis for another round of action and learning.
  • The cycle goes on indefinitely: there is no end point.
  • The steps of the learning cycle allow a community to divide what can feel a frightening challenge into a set of specific and manageable steps.
  • As the community moves through the process, each step documents progress, but the real measure of ownership lies in the depth of discussion, the consistency of engagement, and the joy of achievement that accompanies each step.

Our way of thinking : SALT

We call SALT our mode of interaction with communities. We think of SALT as the DNA of The Constellation.


S is for Stimulate, Support


A is for Appreciate, Accompany


L is for Listen, Learn, Link


T is for Transfer, Team, Trust, Transform

In SALT and CLCP we have a unique and powerful combination

  • While we consider CLCP to be an effective learning cycle, our experience tells us that on its own it would not consistently open the door to change. We support communities as they apply CLCP with the SALT approach.
  • The appreciative approach supports the community through the hard work, and the setbacks that they will inevitably encounter as they apply the steps of the learning cycle. We have found the SALT approach to be effective to stimulate and to support the community as it works through the steps of CLCP.

“Anyone who has worked on a learning cycle knows that the challenge is to sustain the momentum.

So SALT kick starts the learning process and then it supports it through the hard work to Life Competence. I am beginning to think that in SALT and CLCP we have a very beautiful and powerful combination. To discuss the relative importance of one over the other is to miss the point“.

Emmanuelle Bricq

Stories from the field

Go Girl Kenya Turning One Year Old and Still Counting!

Go Girl Kenya Turning One Year Old and Still Counting!

“While we did the self assessment training, we shared stories of change amongst the facilitators. From those stories, we realised that it is the little things that add up to the big picture eventually. A good example is the story of a family that we visited. Their relationship was rebuilt, and they linked our facilitator to other families that had been facing the same issue as them. It makes us happy when we receive such calls from the community! ”
Aaliyah Busolo Quintonne, L’Afrikana

Shared organisation dream—a driving force for the staff

“Everyone joins an NGO with a dream to achieve something. Generally, no one asks the staff what their dream is. So, when you asked this question, it forced me to think about my own dream. Collective dream building enabled me to align my dream with other staff. Now I feel that I am working towards a personal as well as organisational dream.” Imran, one of the Avani staff members.

Sujaag – Collective Action for HIV de-stigmatisation in District Larkana, Pakistan

Sujaag – Collective Action for HIV de-stigmatisation in District Larkana, Pakistan

Historically, HIV campaigns in Pakistan have focused on fear-based messaging around prevention and medical information, which may have further propagated stigma and discrimination, deteriorating health outcomes of those affected. To address this challenge and create acceptance for, while addressing stigma against, people with lived experiences of HIV, Sujaag (meaning ‘to-awaken’) – a hybrid community engagement and mass communications project by IRD – was launched in the region.

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