“Now Us – Celebrating our Contributions towards an Inclusive Society”


From the 22nd to the 25th of April 2024, Voice multi-country grantees came together in a Global Festival in Bangkok, Thailand. The Constellation team organised and facilitated the event, closing in friendship and engagement a partnership that started 22 months ago. The Constellation is grateful to the participants of this Link and Learn journey.

It was an eye-opening opportunity for us at Intersex Asia as well as other groups and organisations working for marginalised populations such as disabled people, albinism, sex workers, slavery, LGBT and stateless people, and refugees. We were able to connect and share our common goal, to learn from each other and form strategic intersectional partnerships in order to increase visibility and advance the human rights of marginalised populations together.       Intersex Asia on Facebook

Through this transformative event, participants had the opportunity to forge lasting connections, shared best practices, and co-created innovative solutions that can drive positive change. By celebrating our collective contributions, we not only honoured the progress made but also reignited our shared resolve to create a world where diversity is embraced, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.     APCOM on Facebook 

If only we could live on a larger scale what we experienced within the safe space of the Global Learning Festival’s grounds in Bangkok, writes Marlou de Rouw in her summary of the event.       https://voice.global/blog/global-learning-festival/

The Constellation will turn 20 this year! An excellent opportunity to think through which changes are needed to sustain the organisation into the future, so that communities, facilitators and supporters in our network can continue to connect and grow together.
Grateful for the start of the conversations about organisational change, in Bangkok at a face-to-face opportunity. The explorative exercise will continue through online engagements with network members in the months to come.

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