Go Girl Kenya, creating a safe space where teenagers flourish


First face to face training at L’Afrikana, a refugee centre in Nairobi

Onesmus Mutuku facilitated a 3-day workshop at l’Afrikana, a community-based organisation that, among other activities, facilitates sharing and learning to prevent teenage pregnancies.
The team explored SALT, home visits, and action plans.


“From the moment the young facilitators walked in, they have been linking what they learned to practice.”

Onesmus Mutuku

“We have learned how to encourage conversations and build relationships. During the home visits, we received only positive reactions. We told stories and asked people to share stories.”

Aaliyah, young facilitator.

“The visits and the topic of conversation are very relevant. The community has been waiting for this. Everyone knows that the issues of teenage pregnancy and rape needs to be addressed. So, when a facilitator knocks on the doors, every household will welcome her.”

Gilbert Asukulu, L’Afrikana.

Next Steps

The six teams have planned home SALT visits for the coming two months. They will keep an eye on when the community is ready for a larger community meeting, this will be when multiple families are mobilised. They will invite other community members to join them, champions who are passionate to be part of this, while ensuring that the group stays inclusive.

The SALT teams will meet every two weeks, to keep learning and sharing. They will stay connected virtually in the meantime. They will share stories of change to the Go Girl teams of other countries and The Constellation.
L’Afrikana will make connections with leaders and institutions in and around the community for their support.

Onesmus will bring a support visit in February, when the next step in CLCP will be addressed: dream building.

Text based on the After Experience Reflection.
Photos courtesy of Onesmus Mutuku.

Teenage pregnancy, early marriages, and dropping out of school impedes girls from flourishing, and Covid-19 seems to have worsened this situation.
In this past year, The Constellation teams and partners have accompanied communities in taking that hardest, first step of opening a safe space where young people and other generations can have genuine conversations. Taboos are addressed, hopes and concerns come to the table. When we realise that we are not alone, more is possible.

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