Eradicate early pregnancy and forced marriage at the Kakuma Refugee Camp


Empowering the marginalised and voiceless refugees


Faulu Productions is a community-based organisation based in the Kakuma refugee camp in northwestern Kenya (team in the picture).

“We envision creating a sustainable refugee community with improved life, respect for human rights, change making, and self-resilience.”


Why did the team reach out to The Constellation to learn SALT-CLCP?


Kenasi Sumahidi, Faulu Productions, gives the following reasons:

 “Create a collaborative and engaging communication with the community through strategic questions.”

 “The importance of SALT in stimulating conversation with the clients, community members: appreciating their strengths, drawing an attentive and active listening to them, and transforming this community towards realising that they have the capability of driving positive changes.”

 “We can use the SALT strategy to ensure that there is inclusivity within the community and prioritising on addressing the most challenging issues that are affecting the refugees within Kakuma refugee camp.”

The team reached out to The Constellation to take part in the Go Girl programme where the SALT-CLCP methodology supports girls and people around them in finding solutions and establishing behaviour change so that their health and safety are improved.

“The beauty of seeing strengths. The power of SALT, its meaning is magnificent power to change the community.” — Shukuru Emmanuel Mitima, Faulu Productions


The Constellation started the Go Girl project in 2021 in five countries where communities wished to respond to the increased vulnerability of girls during the COVID-19 pandemic, as teenage pregnancy and school dropout became an even bigger problem.


In September 2023, a three-day first training on SALT-CLCP was facilitated by Onesmus Mutuku and Aaliyah Busolo Quintonne with experience in the Go Girl project at L’Afrikana in Nairobi. After this discovery journey, the 15 new facilitators would like to find out more and benefit more from Onesmus and Aaliyah’s experience and support to go though a first Community Life Competence Process.


How has SALT-CLCP made a difference?


After The Faulu Productions team members underwent their first SALT training, they started identifying the needs of the community for their assistance to have more impact:

“Through the SALT home visits, we came to realise that, besides Gender-Based Violence (GBV) issues, unemployment and conflicts are still burning issues for the community, hence the idea of us training people on matters related to peace building, entrepreneurship skills, and we have also launched a women savings group called Mavuno to help them start a business.”

Peace building and women becoming self-financing are the pathways chosen by the community to address GBV issues.


If you would like to give financial support to the training and accompaniment of facilitators in Kakuma, Kenya,

contact Loli Rey Novoa:

Training kick-off: human conversations exploring who we are.

Faulu Productions’ SALT Strategy.

Photos courtesy of Onesmus Mutuku.

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