Good news from Go Girl project


The Triodos Foundation has recently committed an amount of 10,000 euro to the Go Girl multi-country project, while individual members of The Constellation so far have contributed 1,446 euro via private donations. With the contributions of participating NGOs and the fixed contribution of Trust for Local Response to project and financial management now 50% of the total budget for the multi-country project has been ensured.

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The Constellations multi-country project Go Girl has a strong component of Learn and Share activities, between the participating local teams and communities. During 18 monthly virtual SALT visits, The Constellation team will facilitate cross-culture knowledge acquisition and sharing of good practice examples, between facilitators and community-members engaged in Go Girl. Lessons learned will be shared beyond the participating sites through the network of partners and members of The Constellation.

On the 23rd of April, we kick started the series with a virtual SALT visit to Babes, an NGO in Singapore working to take care of pregnant youths. 20 friends from three continents joined the visit. All appreciated and have been inspired by Babes’s work presented by Santhiya, particularly on bringing people from the girl’s immediate community together to give them the space to discuss in a serene way on how to support the pregnant young mother and her baby. All agreed on the need to provide platforms where it is OK to talk to our children about sex—a challenge in all cultures—and to accompany them as a preventative approach.

Appreciative responses from participants was a mood booster as Santhiya shared on the After Experience Reflection. She is happy and proud that her team’s hard and challenging work can be shared broader.

Two years ago, The Constellation facilitator from Bandung, Wiwin Winarni, visited Singapore and joined Babes team in a ‘living room chat’ with pregnant teenagers and their mothers. She remembers it as “we were creating a conducive environment where we can discuss the most frightening”. Read here how Babes turned the learning from this visit into a full support programme for teenage mothers.

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