First SALT Visits in Algeria: Migrants, Iftar, and Emotions


The new teams of SALT-CLCP facilitators in Algeria have started their first SALT visits, with distance support from The Constellation coaches Taha, Luc, Loli, and Marlou.

As a first step to create a relationship between service providers and migrant groups, teams took off their ‘expert’ hats and initiated a conversation about dreams and hopes. The feedback from migrants after such visit by Solidarité Aids was touching:

“…No one asked us about our dream, what we went through, or tried to understand us like you do now…” “…Everything is going to change from now on, our relationship is not the same anymore…”

Four facilitators visited the volunteers of the Ain Benian committee of the Red Crescent to appreciate their actions. After the preparation of a hot meal to break the fast (iftar) for people in need, “we discussed for 3 hours (from 20:00 to 23:00) and received testimonies of emotions and actions.” “It is a very committed team, motivated, friendly, welcoming…”

Other SALT visits in Algeria are, for example, reaching scouts and (soon) schoolteachers.


As part of the project « Improving the access to health care for migrants in Algeria » initiated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and supported by the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) local office in Algeria, a team from The Constellation trains 32 people in facilitation of SALT-CLCP. This training is the first step in a capacity building process aimed at increasing and improving the involvement and access to health care of target populations, including migrants.

Find out more in the blog ‘Four-day training of actors involved in improving the access to health services in Algeria’ available here:

Photo courtesy of Yacine.

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