Voice Multi-Country Grantees Built a Common Dream


On the 25th of August, representatives of 19 Voice multi-country grantees built a common dream for an inclusive world.

“We are all diverse in terms of the work that we do in our organization and of our personal advocacy, but we bloomed into having a common dream of equality, respect, and caring for one another and for nature.”

“The sharing; the presence of the people, though virtual, is full of positive energy complementing one another!”

This year and during 2023, The Constellation is Voice’s partner in a multi-country project of Linking and Learning between Voice’s grantees. The Constellation facilitators from Asia and Africa are accompanying the grantees and their rights holders as they discover their strengths and their dreams. Each grantee has developed an inspiring dream.

The teams’ dreams were brought together in three regional dreams at the end of July:
one for Asia, one for anglophone Africa, one for francophone Africa.

“It was interesting seeing the build-up in the individual dreams to the point of merging it into a single regional dream… It’s a celebration of diversity as well as inclusivity; diverse and yet unique human beings came together to dream for a peaceful, loving, and sustainable world!”

The conversations around dreams stimulates curiosity in each other’s fight and achievements:

“What made the grantee dreams powerful and moving is the context of the dream which encompasses the struggles that each rights holder is sharing. I think this is what they want to see in the regional dream: that their own unique context and distinct struggles and concerns, etc., is reflected and not watered down with motherhood statements as they move to the global dream.”

Building a common dream opens participants’ minds to what is possible moving forward: 

“It means a sustainable future for rights holders to achieve their full potential. That pivotal point where the different dreams meet for a common cause.”

Witten by Marlou de Rouw

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