Visual Journey

The world is full of moving stories, help us get them told

The Constellation is developing a new film project called Visual Journey. It is inspired by the lessons learned from the As You Open Your Eyes film project.

  • Firstly, local responses are strongest and longer-lasting where communities have gone through an explicit process of joint learning from their experience. Ownership of the lessons and learning make a stronger community.
  • Secondly, the story is the community’s, the way to share it should also be. With our Visual Development partner, we can help community members with new skills in visually capturing their story and making it stand out so that it becomes a most inspirational tool first for the community itself and then also for a worldwide audience.
  • Lastly, all people in the As You Open Your Eyes series told us: “We didn’t know that what we are doing is important,” yet the documentaries with their lessons have inspired thousands now: “We can do this, too,” even if the issues that the audience is facing and the context they live in is seemingly different.

In this project, the camera and microphone are in the hands of community members to capture themselves their story. Visual Development will guide trainees towards producing their own movie. This way, The Constellation is looking to encourage communities to develop their stories of ‘we’: a joint story whereby they establish what they have done and learned so far and, hence, what they can use in case of future challenges.

In June 2021, the first Visual Journey is starting in the Dorcus Beads community, Kenya.

The world is full of moving stories, help us get them told

The trainee filmmakers are excited to start:
Anthony Peter (Team Leader): “The world is changing, to positive change!”
Florence: “Stimulate physical presence in the real world as well as the imaginary world.”
Frances: “This is going to empower us.”
Daniel: “So far so good, all to God.”

During the first year of the project, we would work with three communities in different stages of the local response, in different geographical areas, and from different cultural backgrounds.


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