Virtual Global Learning Festival- Warming Up 1


Dear V-GLF Participants,

Jambos and special greetings to you and your families.  We are enthused by the fact that it’s now less than three weeks before our Virtual Global Learning Festival weekend.  The Constellation in partnership with the Kenyan facilitation team have been engaged in solid planning to ensure that the event is successful.  

As a quick update, find a glimpse of what is underway in the preparations between The Constellation and the Kenyan Team.  We all wish it was a physical GLF, where learning is experienced at dinner tables, or walking down the streets at night, or enjoying some street dancing, not forgetting the extensive shopping sprees. 

We aim to bring a bit of those experiences closer to your homes through our interactions in the four days, virtually; – the new ways of working. The Kenyan SALT visit communities eagerly await to welcome you into their space for learning and sharing, an opportunity for a Global connection towards mutual respectful learning.  

Thank you to all volunteers either as a) Documenters b) Facilitators c) Translators or c) IT/Technical support. If you would still like to volunteer for anything else, reach out by the end of 24 September. Next week, you will receive the following from the organizing team

  1. The full agenda for 1-4 October
  2. A link for registering your Community SALT visits preference

One thing we ask of you from now henceforth, is to familiarize yourself with the time differences from where you are against East Africa Time ( EAT).  This will make sense when you receive the full schedule next week.


Wishing you all the best as you prepare for the long awaited event.


The Constellation and the Kenyan Team


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