Virtual Global Learning Festival – Positive impact in Kenya


In January, the Kenya Facilitation Team made a visit to communities that hosted the 2021 Global Learning Festival (GLF). The intent of the visit was to Stimulate, Appreciate, Learn and Transfer (SALT) together and reflect on the GLF experience.

The Kenya Facilitation Team has become multi-generational and is finding its own approaches to stimulate local responses and to mentor each other. SALT visits keep us renewed and reconnected; we are reminded of the richness of the process when we have them.
Debby Zablon, one of our youngest members, has gained confidence through community facilitation and engaging in conversations. She is becoming a focal leader in her university and her church.

The caregivers of people living with disabilities in Kasikeu appreciated the GLF process and the home visits: it made them feel special. It also helped them know the importance of having home visits among each other, it strengthened teamwork and self-drive, and helped them accept each other.

In the Dorcus Beads group, each member shared how GLF has impacted them.

Through these conversations, we were able to realise that the GLF indeed played a huge and positive role in our lives. Through networking, relationships were built thus enhancing interactions, new ideas, and creativity. For instance, (1) the Dorcus Beads ladies envision the use of online technology to tap in new markets for their products; (2) through mentorship from visiting team, families have started kitchen gardens and rearing of chickens; (3) caregivers plan to organise monthly children fun event in their homes to enhance awareness and community support.


By the Kenya Facilitation Team.

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