Virtual Global Learning Festival – Feedback from participants


To the doorstep of the communities!

I felt I was flying… Flying into villages… meeting communities… listening to them… walking with them… It was magical…

Kausar S. Khan, Pakistan.

GLF reminded us of the importance of listening to and learning from communities. I attended three conferences in Sep and Oct on communities but the GLF stood out. Those who work with communities can have endless, theoretical discussions but the richness comes when we immerse ourselves in the community. In the case of GLF, it was far richer because we visited the communities who were embedded in SALT.

Rituu B. Nanda, India.

The GLF format was so different from any conference I have attended. So much more effective. And most importantly, it offered the opportunity to communities to speak for themselves, advocate for themselves, narrate their stories. The need for ‘experts’ to do the talking on behalf of the communities was not there. This was very unique and refreshing for me about the GLF model.

Bono Sen, USA.

At the V-GLF, I had a chance to understand better what The Constellation is about and doing in countries across the world. I visited more than half a dozen communities and was struck by their engagement with their own communities, friendliness, openness to share and discuss what the multiple entry points and activities towards “sustainable local responses.”

Cyril Pervilhac, France.

V-GLF—a spark plug for learning from the Community.

Jan Somers, Belgium.

The V-GLF showed that technology can become more inclusive

The Virtual-GFL was so inclusive. Everyone (even my 12 y/o son) was able to join and contribute. We can be inspired by the remotest community even if initially we can’t afford the GLF due to many things. I believe more communities will find a way to shine. Thanks to technology, I can be a SALT-traveller all over the world!

Wiwin Winarni, Indonesia.


Reconnecting to the understanding of SALT through sharing COVID local responses

I learnt more about the SALT philosophy and how SALT, as a way of ‘being’, drives positive change. For example, the way we share our ways of thinking, feeling, just being—which influence our behaviours and sense of belonging. Thank you for making me feel so welcomed in the SALT community.

Anonymous feedback.


I feel that the more subtle/deep/spiritual almost aspect of SALT is being unearthed and discussed more and more naturally—I love that 🙂 !

Anonymous feedback


Reconnecting to other SALT facilitators

We all have our problems, but to reconnect, such as during the preparation time of this festival, is an emotional support for us.

Myrna Maglahus, The Philippines.

I am happy to connect names to your faces and to what you do.

Joy Pavico, The Philippines.

First time ever interacting with people all over the world. It was overwhelming. I did learn about the work of different organisations, especially during COVID times and how they carry out their SALT process with the communities.

Anonymous feedback.

Global marketplace where we shop for local knowledge and connections

We cannot be stopped if we learn and share.
We are not telling what to do, but we share what we do.

Wiwin Winarni, Indonesia.

I met passionate people.

Anonymous feedback.


What is highlighted for me in the Marketplace is the importance of community support by the facilitators alongside the communities which brings out their strengths.

Dr Shadie, DR-Congo.


Across the world, positive change is happening, at the grassroots slowly but surely.  Stories of hope that we need to hear more about, to feel more hopeful in these challenging times.

Bono Sen, USA.


Any community can adapt to challenges and adversity when the communities have mutual trust, support, common feeling, and dedication, leading to a path of sustainable community response.

Nabaraj Adhikari, Norway.

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