SALT and the Stage 


Facilitators share and learn

Ghalia and iSiZ from Vrouwencafé (Women’s Café) Amsterdam (The Netherlands) are building an international women choir. This activity is part of their SALT-CLCP process. The choir wants to tell the stories of heroines in different cultures: making a case for strong women and connecting across cultures in one go. 18 Amsterdam-women from 11 nationalities have already signed up, the conductor is hired and the women will meet for 3 SALTy sessions before starting the rehearsals.

Now, Ghalia and iSiZ are wondering: How can we make sure there are equal opportunities for all to contribute in the production of a creative performance?

Stories and lessons from experience were collected during a virtual peer-assist with CLCP-SALT facilitators from Belgium and Kenya on Thursday 24 September. Participants were pleasantly surprised about the energy that comes up when people meet around passion and experience, across the internet and language barriers.

Meble told about how a ladies’ orchestra in Kenya works hard and with discipline toward an excellent performance. They build in reflective moments and celebrate with cake after each rehearsal! Célicia in Belgium shared her experience with co-creation of a theatre play where playful theatre exercises were used to build trust so that the performance became more and more intimate. Roberta made a plea to trust the goodwill of a professional in the process as well: “I came in ‘at the other side’ as a professional in a co-creative play. I had to unlearn so much. But it ended up to be the most beautiful experience in my life to build a play where everyone felt valued and where every life experience was heard. It was worth it!”

The group started building a knowledge asset where lessons learned are illustrated with stories as well as reference persons and documents. Be in touch if you want to be part of this joint learning process.

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