Practices to reach an inclusive world


During 2022 and 2023, The Constellation is partnering with Voice. We help the Voice multi-country grantees in ten countries to Link and Learn about each other’s efforts in reaching more inclusion of rights holder groups they are working with. The groups include communities of people with deafness, albinism, sexworkers, LGBTQI, women, indigenous people. For us all to learn, it is important to listen to all those diverse voices. A true and privileged journey it is!

“[Identifying the Practices] means taking ownership in developing strategies that can realise the inclusive dream,” said a participant.

In September, The Constellation facilitators helped representatives of the multi-country projects to deepen their reflection about their joint dream for an inclusive world – and to establish the practices that will help to reach the dream. First, in-country facilitators led conversations with each grantee. Then, on 27th of September, grantee representatives came together online to find the similarities they have in the practices of importance to them. Hard work, with joyful moments. The meeting was closed with a draft list of seven practices to reach an inclusive world.

“I enjoyed the breakout rooms where we collectively designed practices from common practices we thought about,” said a participant.

The journey continues when, in October, during a self-assessment, each project will identify what they are already doing with regard to those practices and where there is a need to learn more.


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