New SALT facilitators in Algeria share lessons at a colourful marketplace


From 12th to the 14th of September, the Algerian Ministry of Health with the International Organization for Migration organised a learning festival. This festival closes the training cycle delivered by The Constellation, which began in the capital Alger in February 2022 and continued across several cities of the country in June 2022.

The training allowed the participants to acquire the SALT-CLCP methodology adapted to vulnerable populations and community initiatives in Algeria.

Composed of health professionals, association executives and volunteers, and peer educators, the participants presented the results of the various projects and activities they carried out during the year, with migrant and vulnerable populations at the level of their wilayas (provinces). In the form of a marketplace, the new facilitators laid out the fruits of their work. As a cherry on the cake, SALT facilitators from Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands led a special storytelling session to help participants formulate their experiences and main lessons.

The learning event brought together 44 representatives of civil society, from 6 different wilayas, namely Algiers, Oran, Annaba, Bejaia, Tiaret, and Tamanrasset. They all received certification from the Ministry of Health, IOM, and The Constellation.

The whole cycle has made it possible to create a solid network of associations and health professionals which covers a good part of the Algerian territory, made aware of migration health and trained in community facilitation for any vulnerable group.


“The SALT methodology, although simple in appearance, makes us see things differently; valorisation completely changes people’s perception of life and of themselves. I have seen people change overnight with stars in their eyes; it brings out the best in us. How can you not want that!”

“I hope that this event will not be the last one!”

“A unique and novel experience, whether it is on the organizational level, the workshops, field trips and sharing of experiences. A follow-up is still needed from The Constellation team of our tasks or actions to gain more experience.” 

Facilitation team The Constellation:
Dolores Rey Novoa, Taha Maatoug, Marlou de Rouw, with Luc Barriere-Constantin from distance.
Special guests for story telling: Jean-Louis Lamboray with Maria-José Vazquez and Yazeed Said from a distance.

Some graphs from the evaluation form

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