Local SALT Teams across the globe getting ready for the Virtual Global Learning Festival (V-GLF)


Thirteen local SALT teams and 20 individual SALT supporters, a total of 60 individuals, have enthusiastically registered for the V-GLF that will take place between the 1st and 4th of October 2021. The teams come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Pakistan, India, Singapore, RDC, Burundi, Indonesia, Uganda, and the USA. They will share and learn from their very diverse experience with community actions on global issues and especially from the Kenyan team and communities. During virtual SALT visits, the communities in Kenya will also share what they are proud of and what they have learned.
With a special focus on the question: “How do communities adapt to old and new challenges?”, participants will create together a Knowledge Asset*, one of the tools of The Constellation’s Community Life Competence Process. This collective experience will enrich the participants: improving their activities and transferring to all individuals/groups who wish to take up their challenges.
The Kenyan team and The Constellation board are working this month to make the event interactive, useful, and enjoyable for all. Many participants are volunteering their time and skills to contribute to the success of the event!

* The Knowledge Asset documents and organises knowledge as it evolves and grows. It consists of a set of common principles. Each of the principles is illuminated by experiences. And, in turn, each of those experiences is supported by reference material and by contacts to people who can give further details.


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