Inclusive projects by neighbours for the neighbourhood in The Netherlands

At a glance, the CLCP in Amsterdam in 2021

During 2020, eight neighbours in Amsterdam-East followed the SALT-CLCP training, online when required. They were accompanied during one year by a coaching team of The Constellation. Two inclusive projects by neighbours for the neighbourhood have started.

The Women’s Café group has organised two High Tea & Workshop coronavirus proof afternoons where they got to know women from the neighbourhood, and an International Women’s Choir was formed. The idea is to co-create and perform female hero songs in a concert. “I hope I can inspire other women through social musical projects, so they feel more at home and follow their dreams.”

Trainees learned to really listen, summarise and ask questions. They experienced how this improves relationships at work, with family and with friends. And how it is a powerful tool in community building.

“Expressing appreciation openly is very beautiful and adds value to the moment, to the other person and to yourself.”

“I am now better able, with friends from different backgrounds, to have conversations about cultural differences.”

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