Evaluation of a project implemented by The Constellation in Assam, India


An Outcome Harvest evaluation based on evidence of change of a project implemented by The Constellation in Assam, India, between March 2017 and March 2019

Evaluations are essential for advocating with policymakers and influencers to appreciate the power of community responses in leading to social and behaviour changes. “Behavioural changes, in most cases, are not easily achieved and time is an important factor to take into consideration.” “A classical impact evaluation that comes in 12 months after start of the project is likely to report back on a lack of impact,” write Michael Steffens in his ‘Evaluation of the SALT Project in Assam, an outcome harvest of a project implemented by The Constellation, the Centre for North East Studies & Policy Research (C-NES) and the Voluntary Health Association of Assam (VHAA)’. “Whereas this outcome harvesting evaluation clearly sees all villages under observation on a trajectory to achieve a higher – if not a 100% – vaccination rate.”

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