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These are challenging times

The context

From Asia, to Europe, the US and Africa COVID-19 has been changing our lives. There is the fear to see the virus spreading in our community and there is the wide social and economic impact of the pandemic. Everybody has different concerns and a different understanding of the situation. In all continents, countries have implemented several containment measures to halt the spread of COVID-19. We are asked to keep physical distance. A difficult situation for us, humans, who thrive for touch and communication.

Behind our masks we are all just ordinary people…but we have extraordinary powers!

What we do

In difficult times our capacities to care for each other, learn, and adapt come to the surface.

Behind their masks, individuals, families and groups around the world are taking action, adapted to their context and to the resources that are available. What they have in common is that they realise there are small doable (and sometimes courageous) steps they can take as a contribution to halt the further spread of the virus.

In the spring and summer of 2020 The Constellation and their partner Visual Development handed over the camera and microphone to people in different places in the world. They allowed us a brief look in their lives, during corona-times. The result is a film project BEHIND THE MASK which features 11 short movie-clips that capture diverse and ordinary people in action.

Your donation to The Constellation supports our discovery of human strengths in difficult times

What you can do

The episodes show the diversity of responses in geographical and cultural contexts and tell the raw stories of fear and courage behind the masks. We hope these short stories will inspire more and more people to play their part in stopping the virus.


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