Communities Acting Together to Control HIV (CATCH) in Botswana


The CATCH approach is a community driven response. The approach uses the SALT method to drive the community response to HIV and other health related matters. The approach has acted as an effective catalyst for the implementation of the National Community Mobilization Strategy.

CATCH is a bottom up approach which supports the continued reduction of HIV infection in the country. The approach builds on sustainable initiatives and solutions in the community to combat HIV in the districts progressively covered in the southeast: Ramotswa, Tlokweng, Mogobane, Taung and Otse. It also relies on the highly respected leadership of DiKgosi. It aimed at developing a comprehensive HIV prevention delivery plan that will stimulate communities to become agents of change in their own location using participatory approaches and methods that empower community leaders and members to bring down new HIV infections to zero.


Leadership by Dikgosi

The evaluation shows that CATCH has indeed achieved its aim of being led and driven by Dikgosi. The traditional leadership is found at the forefront of the activities, even bringing in community members and mobilising their communities to take the approach forward themselves. Dikgosi joined in the SALT visits, participated in community conversations, and worked with communities towards a common dream.
As planned in the CATCH approach, allowing communities to take responsibility during the community action demonstrated ownership.


Strengthened Volunteerism

Collective decision-making with Dikgosi and facilitators played a catalytic role. CATCH was SALT enhanced with community planning, vision setting, and execution of community action plans. Below is what communities were able to say:

‘‘We plan our activities and make individual efforts
to willingly contribute and help those in need…
Something that was not there before CATCH.”

Strengthened Local Collaborations and Synergies

Discussions with key informants revealed that CATCH has managed to bridge the relationship among community members, and community extension teams and structures. This was commonly expressed as…

‘‘The approach has brought the spirit of
Togetherness – to be
conscious of our concerns – and come up with solutions for our own concerns.”


Kgosi from one Community

Prepared by Segametsi Mashumba,
Humana People to People

Photo by Onesmus Mutuku, 2016.

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